The all-important Performance Watcher Indices are now available exclusively via a licence

Are you tired of justifying market benchmarks? Do you want to be compared to professional peers managing portfolios with the same goal as you? Are clients unsure about your explanations?

Use your existing tools and integrate the renowned Performance Watcher Indices in your internal or external reporting. Available through an easy-to-use API, directly from your PMS system or via the complete analytical tools of our platform, integrating the market-leading daily private wealth performance indices has never been easier.

What are PW indices, if I may ask?

Our indices are meticulously constructed daily from individual portfolios directly sourced from banking or portfolio management systems. Net of fees, with the same daily time-weighted calculation method, performance data is cleaned and aggregated with a modified equal-weight methodology that ensures a fair representation of our asset manager community’s work.

Portfolios are classified by their reference currency and risk, or mandate, objective. Nine different risk levels range from very low to equities.
Further details and pricing are available here.