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Performance Watcher more than ever at your side in 2023 !

Performance Watcher wishes you a prosperous new year, 2023. As far as performance and risk go, we shall look forward to a better year than 2022, fraught caught between a rates regime change and a war in Europe.

While Performance Watcher cannot predict the future, we can certainly help understand the past and put it in context. As an asset owner or fiduciary, you can discuss the path of your portfolio through the year relative to what was possible and achieved by others. Investment managers can benchmark the year and put it in context for themselves, validating their choices for their clients.

We are continuously improving

Performance Watcher is at a crossroads. After years of developing the platform and getting the name out, it is time to scale the community. Performance Watcher’s mission is universal, not contained within the confines of the Rue du Rhône, but for that potential to be realised, it required a different type of leadership. In the summer of 2022, Nicholas Hochstädter, founder of IBO, hired a CEO to take over the day-to-day management and development of the company. Eric Bissonnier, a seasoned professional with 30 years of experience in Asset Management and Fintech, started in June and has hit the ground running.

What next?

In 2023 IBO will push Performance Watcher’s boundaries further. Many new features to make your daily life easier!

The first step is the new website for A new look and feel and easier access to how Performance Watcher can help you. In addition, we’ve integrated the contributions to our newsletter into a new blog section containing our tutorials and new functionality explanations.

We have a new web app in development, focused on better user experience and expanded capabilities. Still, while we develop the new platform, we will also integrate some goodies into our current application, starting with a thorough statistical page for each portfolio, with all the common ratios, drawdowns and risk statistics, always based on the daily performance data.

We will also expand analytics on the composites, adding deciles and other measures to provide further context on the distributions. And we look to enhance portfolio metadata, including the type of manager and whether the account is an ESG mandate.

With our analytics, you can see objectively if you’ve done well compared to peers within the same reference currency and risk level. You can easily see which market circumstance benefited you and which didn’t.

But the obvious question is then, « But Why?? ». We are working on the Why. Daily portfolio data on close to 15’000 discretionary portfolios for ten years combined with developments in machine learning and computing power opens possibilities Nicholas could only dream of ten years ago. We will keep you posted on the project’s advances; watch this space.

Thank you all

A big thank you to all our clients, many of whom have been using Performance Watcher for years and have been incredibly supportive of IBO’s mission.
We would especially like to thank our Business Partners for their support and patience, and we look forward to a fruitful 2023 together. And our Software Partner have been responsive to our goal of integration into their platforms for the benefit of their clients.