Performance Watcher persona Team

Performance Watcher adapts its professional license scheme to client needs

IBO is constantly adapting Performance Watcher to the community’s needs, and the structure of our professional licences is no exception. To better reflects differing needs and functions within an investment firm, we have changed our licensing scheme. Although the cost is generally unchanged, we have simplified its structure.

  • Maintaining your company’s Ecosystem, access rights, filters, indices and so on is necessary for the best experience with Performance Watcher. Hence the mandatory first licence combines the Administration licence and the complete set of SuperVision rights. The cost of that first licence is 2’400.- CHF a year.
  • The SuperVision licence covers all the visualisations and analytics of the platform for all the accounts, funds and indices in your Ecosystem. CIOs, Compliance and risk functions, and internal MIS analysts are the typical user base for the toolbox. Each cost 1’200 a year.
  • The Portfolio Manager licence covers the portfolio analytics for the universe of portfolios and funds that the PM covers. All for 720.- CHF.
  • The Relation Manager licence provides simplified access to critical reports and analysis for the clients that the RM supports and costs 480.- CHF.
  • The Perfometer licence allows broad distribution of our signature Perfometer element for the portfolios the user covers and the summary page of relative and absolute risk and return data for just 120.- CHF.

Alerts have seen their pricing simplified but generally remain unchanged. Portfolios cost remains 2.- per year per item, with 100.- minimum, while Funds for which we need to provide price data are now 24.- per year.

It is always possible to access the basic Perfometer with a Basic licence, which is 100.-CHf a year, including 50 accounts.

In the future, each licence will provide ever more specific functionalities specific to the users, ensuring a continuously improved user experience, whatever your function within the firm.

We now have CHF, EUR, GBP and USD pricing for our international clients that want local reference currency pricing. Please enquire for details; the prices mentioned below are all in CHF.