When innovative solutions create value

FormInvest AG is an independent asset manager established in 2012 and based in Zurich. We provide discretionary and advisory mandates to High and Ultra-High Net Worth Individuals, as well as corporate clients, mainly based in the Middle East.

Our goal is to help wealthy investors master their entire range of financial challenges. We are committed to understanding our clients’ personal situation, searching for the best solutions, and providing them, their family, and their businesses with the highest level of personal attention and confidentiality. Growing our clients’ wealth in a wise and responsible manner is our main concern. Together, we define an investment philosophy and strategic asset allocation based upon needs, goals, and constraints of today and the future. We carefully create ideal portfolios based on the investor profile and the prevailing financial market environment. We believe in globally balanced and diversified portfolios, mainly through equities and bonds but also with a special focus on Private Markets and other Alternatives. FormInvest takes a long-term view and has an active management approach. Roughly 90% of the portfolios are usually covered through mutual, institutional funds and a smaller portion through direct investments.

Wherever the assets and liabilities are, we consolidate and analyse the client’s holdings and the overall flow of their funds in personalized reports, offering a comprehensive overview of the status and development of their wealth, covering bankable and non-bankable assets as well as liabilities. Furthermore, we make sure that our interests are always fully aligned with our clients’, thanks to a transparent and performance-oriented fee model, as well as a transparent performance reporting.

Our corporate philosophy is centered on fostering a collaborative, innovative, flexible, and welcoming mindset. With a predominant horizontal hierarchy, we cherish and seek diversity, in opinion and character. We feel that understanding, not only our clients’ needs and expectations, but also our employees’ necessities, creates an open and continuously improving environment, where motivation, communication, commitment, and self-development easily flourish. We understand that to achieve our clients’ financial goals, and therefore our own, a professional, yet passionate and caring attitude must be cultivated.

When it comes to portfolio management, we strongly believe that clients and prospective clients need and cherish to have a clear view of processes & results. In this regard, FormInvest AG claims compliance with the Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS®) and has been independently verified for the periods January 1st, 2016, till December 31st, 2021. GIPS® is a registered trademark of CFA Institute. Our transparency comes with the big advantage of proving our clients with our portfolio management ability, as our performance data outperforms our benchmarks and peers since January 2016 (start of performance measurement) based on GIPS®, resp. since January 2022 (start of cooperation) according to Performance Watchers (PW). The latter enables us to get on an ongoing basis a comparison with competitors’ portfolios on performance and risk metrics, thereby allowing us to better understand our position amongst asset managers. The PW platform is extremely useful in portfolio reviews with clients, as it allows them to visualize and easily understand their performance in the context of the broader market. This is a powerful tool and welcome support in explaining this year’s negative performance, particularly when the result is comparatively better than your competitors’! The clients admittedly appreciate this comparison. As for the browsing experience and the features of the PW platform, we perceive them as user-friendly.


FormInvest AG, renders services such as discretionary asset management, investment advisory as well as the procurement and execution of financial and fiduciary transactions. Our dynamic, committed and diverse team is currently composed of Sohaila Elshater, as Head of Operations, Liza Ragheb, our Senior Representative, Dr. Jeannine Ameri, as Compliance & Risk Officer, Nada Saoudi, as Junior Investment Officer, and Pierre-Yves Formaz, CFA, our Senior Investment Officer, who is looking back at a 22-year career history at UBS Wealth Management, prior to founding FormInvest in 2012.
FormInvest is licensed and regulated by FINMA.